Apple-Palooza {FREEBIES Galore} Apple Activities for your Classroom!

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Apple-Palooza {FREEBIES Galore} Apple Activities for your Classroom!

Apple-Palooza {FREEBIES Galore} Apple Activities for your Classroom!  So this week was APPLE-Fantastic! We learned about apples all week, tasted apples, ate apple-themed snacks, did apple math, wrote about apples, experimented with apples….basically everything I could think of!  I didn’t even take pictures of everything we did and I still ended up with a ton of photos!
Apple-Palooza {FREEBIES Galore} Apple Activities for your Classroom
All of my Apple Activities can be found {HERE} including my apple glyph…I updated it again TODAY!!  So download it again if you’ve already purchased it!
I added these labels and craft, too!

Apple Science

I know most of us in blogland have seen the erupting apple experiment.  Here’s ours::
Naturally, my students LOVED it!  So I created a FREEBIE for the project!
You can get the FREEBIE {here} along with some bonus apple writing pages!
Next up were these adorable apple bags in the Target Dollar bin!
I created a FREEBIE for these for subject/predicate and odd and even!
Get your FREEBIE {here}
We graphed our favs and most liked GREEN???  Never has that happened before!
But they still look good, right?  If you need them, too…you can find them {here}
Parts of an apple labels
find the apple labels {here}
We ate apple chips AND dried apples…
we painted apples and read apple poems…
I took their pictures pointing to which apple was their vote!
We made applesauce…always a big hit!
The desk buddy idea was LOVED by my students, thank you The Busy Busy Hive!  The one below is included in my Apple Pack =)
I also have a directed drawing for Johnny in my Year Long Directed Drawing Bundle on TpT that is
The following activities are from Babbling Abby’s Pack {Here}
I didn’t have paint dabbers, so we finger painted the answers:
Paint makes everything fun!
Jack had a great time dropping the apple and seeing what would happen to the bruised apple when you put it next to a banana- that was right up his alley!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things we did for APPLE WEEK!  Did you do anything fun?
Here’s what the rest of my afternoon looks like:
Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for all the freebies…is that Close Read available in your shop?!! We are studying spiders next week, and this photo is phenomenal! I can't wait to see what you do with spiders!! Glad to see Abby's packet in action in someone else's room I just loved it, too!

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