Photo Albums for Math Review is a Bright Idea!

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I’ve seen this idea used over the years, but was reminded of it on Pinterest a while back {here}… how smart is it to use flash cards in a bragbook with a dry erase marker to review facts?  So smart!
I got the brag books from Target and Walmart =)  This idea would also work with handwriting flashcards, or ?? The sky is the limit!
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  1. Love this idea and your photo albums are soooo cute!!! Where are the flashcards from?? Also, just buy double of everything you find and send it over to me because i'm obsessed with EVERYTHING you get. K thanks 😉

  2. I do this for word work but I've never used it for math facts. Thanks girl! How do you get your cute white frame around your pictures. Is it an app? Precious

  3. This is such an awesome idea! I love the flashcards in the photo album! This is a great idea for center or for something to work on after seatwork is finished. It keeps all the flashcards neat and together!

  4. The flashcards will keep the addition and subtraction fluently going with the children. They will be able to consistently use the cards throughout the year as long as they are left in centers, math tubs, whole groups, small groups, and work with a partner. There are so many ways they can be used. Such a great hands on activity!

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