Custom Classroom Brochure for Open House {Giveaway}

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Are you getting ready for Open House or Meet the Teacher?  Are you at least thinking about getting ready, like me?!! Meet the Teacher is one of those things that is a whirlwind of informations, meeting your parents and kids, and so much fun….but let’s be honest, it can be super stressful, too!  SO much information to try and remember to tell them in such a short amount of time!
One of the things I’ve done for many years is to provide parents a brochure that introduces me, outlines my grading and homework procedures, supply list, snack and lunch details, etc.  It is a lifesaver, I can just give them one of these brochures and even if I forget to mention something that night, it is still in there for them to review later!!  
About 3 years ago I started selling custom brochures on TpT and it’s been a great adventure to see so many different styles and information for teachers across the country!
You can check out my Custom Classroom Brochures on TpT {Here

I’ve used my printer at home to print them over the years, but this year I used Best Value Copy and they turned out perfectly…for a great price (they usually have coupons for color copies)!
This is what my student desks looked like last year at Meet the Teacher:
Here are some examples of brochures I’ve done in the past:
(I deliberately left it small to protect the information of the customers)
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Would you like to win your own?

Hope you love them as much as I do!  Happy Sunday Y’all! 


  1. These are so awesome! Such a great resource for parents to have with classroom information. My classroom this year is lime, bright blue with black and white chevron/polka dots.

  2. I would love an "old-school" look, complete with CHALK boards, apples, and plenty of red & black accents. I am doing a pirate theme this year, but not sure I would want that on the brochure. This looks absolutely amazing! I follow your store, but have never noticed the brochures! How have I missed this?

  3. I absolutely love the brochures!! Would love to see black and white polka dots, red bunting and Mickey silhouettes!! Maybe even in a chalkboard style. With a quote from Walt on it. I am doing a Disney theme in my room this year!! If I don't win are these in your TPT store? They are a must for my orientation!! Love your Blog!!

  4. I love it…a brochure is on my list…this will be my first year in first grade…lots to do. Our team is going with a rock theme so my class will be rockin on the wild side…using wild animal print.

  5. This will be my first year teaching first grade. I'm excited for all the changes. Love your blog! I would choose a beach theme brochure. Something colorful to start the year off bright!

  6. I really love this idea! This is perfect for me this year since I am going on maternity leave in the middle of September! It will get help parents understand all the transitions!

    Beach Bum Literacy Chick

  7. My theme is "First Grade Rocks!" as in a rock star. I love zebra print and bright neon colors. But I love YOUR design and think it could work with any theme.

  8. I would love the brochure to be engaging for parents, but also incorporate my own personal style. My classroom color scheme is black and white with pops of red, yellow and aqua. I have also incorporated the chalkboard trend and use black and white chevron and polka dots. Your brochures are great!

  9. I absolutely love your brochures. I have a monkey and jungle theme for my Kindergarten classroom. I always have a Parent Orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year. This brochure would be FANTASTIC to have for that night!

  10. Calling all teachers!!!
    I was the winner of Jennifer's Back to School Night brochure…Jennifer and I designed it together…
    the finished product was AMAZING!!! Jennifer was wonderful to work with and can I just say
    she is so creative!!! I am bursting inside to show it off to all of my co-workers and parents!
    Head over to her tpt store I promise you…THIS WILL MAKE YOUR YEAR!

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