Shark Door and My Room

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Shark Door and My Room

Some of you have seen this already on My Instagram…but I had to share it  here since it took SO much of my time and energy the other day!  Good news: My Jack approves! 
I also painted my stool AGAIN…the bottom half used to be white, with the red top and dots….but I am loving the blue!
And what about this light-up arrow?  I got it at Target and was thinking of letting my students turn it on when they have a great idea!
Just the beginning of my hall display….just a start!!
And I had to share these panoramic views of my classroom, not because I am finished but because it took SO much work to unpack my closet and get everything where it goes (for now!)

My shark door was inspired by an adorable shark found photo on my Pinterest Board {here} but it is a dead link =(  I will keep looking for the original source and update it when I find it! =)
And if you haven’t entered my giveaway for a classroom brochure, you still have time {here}
What have you been up to?


  1. Oh my gosh…! I look at your room and I have feelings of awe and despair:) I am soooo far from being ready for students, but you look like you could welcome kiddos tomorrow! Such a cute room, Jennifer. You could use that light up arrow during Guided Reading/Daily 5 also; point it towards your table & it would serve as a silent reminder that you are working with students, then turn it off when small group time is over. I just love your idea though, too; gives the students some ownership! I entered your giveaway, and wanted to let you know about one I was having on my blog, too: you could win 2 children's books & $25 to Amazon or TpT! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Absolutely adore your room!!! So fun! I've been studying for and JUST took my Reading Specialist Praxis test today. YIKES! Now I have to wait 17 days to see if I passed. Oh my nerves! Anywho, now that THAT is over with, I can focus my energies on reading the two guided reading books I purchased so that I can soak up everything about it and implement it this year. So excited to try something new and improved! 🙂 Best of luck as you continue to set up your room!

  3. I love your room and agree it looks completely ready. I am so jealous of your space. We built new school about 3 years ago and the rooms seem so small and we are limited to what furniture is allowed in the room, besides what the district supplied (we have a big desk that is fixed in place due to the computer ugh!). But love your room and ideas!

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