Winners! Valentine Friend Giveaway!

I went ahead and doubled it… making it 6 winners since there was such a great response!
Elisabeth at eangelakos
Nancy at sunnyinsocal
Kristy at
Karen at kadythomas
Janette at janettegonzalez3
Karyn  at Kideducator
I am sending the unit now to the winners!  I love you all my bloggy friends out there…and you are ALL winners!!  Thank you for following me and being so sweet!!

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  1. I can't believe I won! Thanks Jennifer for making it six winners instead of three! Those of you who didn't win need to run out and buy this too stinkin' cute unit!!!! Love It. . . well worth your money!

  2. Tooooo cute! I just bought your snowman art packet on TN and didn't even see this…. I will definitely get this before Valentine's Day!
    YOU are so creative.

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