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Question of the Day Pack!!
Many followers of my blog were very interested in the Data Board I created.
  I use ‘Question of the Day’ as a warm up activity included as part of my morning work time.  
Kids come into the class and after their regular routines, they read the Question (either independently or with a partner), which is in a standing binder with velcro attached at the bottom to hold it open. 
Pictures are included in the pack along with
questions for over 5 months worth of school days!  Students then move their magnet on the board to the correct answer…yes or no.  The board (pictured) can be created using dollar store tins, wrapping paper, and modge podge..description: firstgradeblueskies blog  You don’t have to even have a board, you could just use paper.  Instead, or in addition to, you could have students write the question in their journals and then answer it there with details and then illustrate.  I add a tally chart component below the pans and later in the year do a greater than/less than alligator component.  Some of the questions are simple, the important thing is that students are engaged and reading. I tried to use simple words in the questions as much as possible.   If you feel your class can easily read them, you might have it be like a secret that isn’t shared…if not, then do the buddy system for struggling readers. Included in the pack are: color directions, links for help, and enough questions for more than 5 months! This could actually be used at a literacy station, depending on your class set up.
It is on sale right now at Teacher’s Notebook
and also listed and on sale at TPT


  1. I *love* your idea with the binder! I gave you a shout out in my actual pack on the direction page…I will send you a close up of the pic…it is awesome for my question of the day!!

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