My Week and a Kissing Hand Directed Drawing Freebie

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Directed Drawings for the Kissing Hand.  
 I chose to do a directed drawing this year because some of my students looped up with me this year and we had already done the Kissing Hand activities from my  pack…so I had to come up with something “new” in a hurry! 
The speech bubble I used in the pictures comes from a pack you can see here.  But in the freebie below I created a new version I plan to use next time where the kids actually write or draw a picture of what they love.  Be sure to scroll down to get your freebie =)

To get this freebie and many others, visit my Facebook Fan Page and click on the “Fan Freebies” tab…or just click here to get the directed drawing freebie!  Hope you can use it!  In case you haven’t done anything yet with the Kissing Hand, check out my pack here:
We also created buses from Deanna Jump’s Name Pack, adapted a little bit for my needs

and we had fun doing some math stations and games (Yes, I used my students for manual labor to divide out the materials…but I let them play, too!! =)
If you like the freebie, let me know with a comment if you have a second…or tell me what kinds of things you do the first week of school.  


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