Vocabulary (free) Resource Link!

I have been having issues with vocabulary retention, especially with my ELL kiddos.  I started using this resource from Zaner Bloser:

Not sure if you can tell what the illustrations are or the words…but I think the pig flying is perfect for unreasonable… Road Runner totally works for hastily…my favorite?  
“Oh, I saw Super Hero” and the other kids replies, “Oh really?” (for gullible) lol
There is a paid service, which I am sure is awesome…but the free part is pretty cool, too!  I have been using the vocabulary page (you can choose the pages over on the right hand side, along with grade level.  
Just click on the picture above to visit the link!
Anyway, each week our Storytown series introduces 6 vocabulary words…I use the online resource to type the words onto the lines (optional: you could have the kids print their own words) and then I print the two pages, three words on each side…and then the day before the test, we work together to create illustrations for each word.   After a lot of modeling with my firsties, I can see this being added to a station maybe.  Research shows the value of illustrations and pictures created by kids to enhance a word’s meaning…along with using in context,  hearing the word used… etc.  It has seemed to help my kids…and they love creating their illustrations!
Anyway, maybe you can use this resource, too! =)


  1. Love the drawings! tooo funny! I have been out of the blogging loop–so many things going on at school! Hope you're doing great!
    I've missed your comments.:)

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