Homecoming Eagle Craft Idea

Homecoming Eagle Craft Idea

Homecoming is this week for my school. 
We are a self contained k-12 public school, which presents some advantages and disadvantages.  We only have one principal and one vice principal for the entire school- which can be trying to have our “elementary” problems compare to “high school” problems.  But at the same, it does allow our community to remain tight knit and I am able to see “my kids” (former students) daily as they grow up and graduate. 
ANYWAY…as I said, Homecoming is this week and we made eagles to encourage our team…the Eagles!


Sooo…Go Eagles!  I would be happy to post a pattern if anyone else is an eagle or has a need…it is essentially a brown bowling pin shape, brown hand cut-outs, and then the kids tear up white paper and glue to the head.  Add orange beak, orange talons, google eyes and call it a day…you’re done! lol
It’s an easy handprint eagle Homecoming Craft Idea!
Anybody else having Homecoming this week? 


  1. We're eagles too! I would love it if you could post a pattern! Thanks so much. They turned out so cute. This week my class earned our school eagle with his treasured golden pine cone. 🙂 I'm sure they would love to make their own version of him!

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