Thanksgiving Ideas


Thanksgiving Ideas

Wow, it was a busy week!  We worked on Thanksgiving Crafts and learning all about it…and then on Friday we had Pioneer Day, which was a blast!
Thanksgiving Ideas
My kids wrote letters form the Mayflower, complete with “quills” for writing!
Thanksgiving Ideas
 We made Crock Pot Pumpkin Bread, which I got from Kristen’s Thanksgiving Pack (LOVE it)
 And we made butter, which tasted GREAT on the crock pot pumpkin bread!  YUM!
Thanksgiving ideas
 Oh, and of course I dressed up. In all the confusion, I didn’t get any other pictures, but take my word for it…we had FUN and we learned A LOT!
Thanksgiving Ideas and more can be found if you click HERE!
Hope you had a great week!  

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