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Here is a little mini-tour of my room…well, at least how it used to look. We finally have a new theme (ocean) so all this will be changing…  well, not ALL of it, but you get the drift =)  Anyway…one thing I wanted to point out that took me years to start doing is Painting bulletin boards!  I like to freehand it, but someteachers use a projector and then paint it in…if you look in the background, you’ll see my monkey, zebra, safari guy, lion…ALL of them painted!  It is cheap and easy…and then instead of taking it down, I take the paper down and cut it out…roll it up and use it later for something else.  Neat, huh?

 Another idea is when you draw an animal on white paper, artist chalk (found on craft aisle at Wallyworld) is an easy way to add color…the toucan above was done with chalk.  I make a mark where I want color…then take a paper towel and wipe it off…for a faded look.  I will try to get some better (close up) pictures of it later.  If you haven’t already, check out my ClAsS SiTe I have some cute pages over there!..and PLEASE consider clicking “like” on my Facebook link to the left…I think I only have 4 people so far (just started it)  I promise not to post a lot on there!!! lol


  1. yep…sure did =) Painting is sort of my thing…I can paint just about anything 'kiddish/clipartish'- if I have a picture to look at. I have some just like those that are jungle themed I put outside the hallway by the boys/girls rooms …I will be retiring them soon, if anyone needs 'em!

  2. I'm glad I could inspire! =) I do actually have a few things I am retiring..lmk if you are interested. The doors were easy…just covered them with bulletin board paper…then I painted them with acrylic paint. If you aren't good with free hand, you can always use a projector to show you the outline of something cute =)

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