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I  worked at school today and had to get letters out for a bulletin board and it occurred to me that I should share the way I organize my letters.  Perhaps most of you already do this, but if you haven’t done it, trust me…it’s worth the time!!  I had a parent get it started for me years ago…and each year when I add letters, I have a new parent to organize them!  I bought this super cute file case at Walmart… then I separated each of my letters into piles of each letter…then put them in Ziploc bags. The bags are then put into the corresponding section in the case.  Voila!

this is another of my newest obsession…painting cheap frames with spray paint and adding cool clipart or something fun like this subway art I got from a cute blog:


  1. Love this! Mrs. Duggins, I had the same thought! I do that for my word wall words, but never thought about doing it for my punch out letters… I will add that to my list of projects!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I'll add your button to my blog as a big thanks!! I LOVE your idea for organizing your letters! I've been needing a way to do that and this is PERFECT!

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