New School Year Resolutions

Clutter-Free Classroom is having a New School Year Resolution Linky Party….I had to join.

1.  I will be positive.
2.  I will resist the urge to get involved in gossip.
3.  I will remember that these kids I am about to get are just babies…new from Kindergarten, and that they are not torturing me on purpose.  They genuinely have forgotten where the restroom is…and how to get their lunch, and what their bus number is.   I WILL BE PATIENT.
4.  I will do my best to balance my own children (who were also NOT sent to torture me on purpose), my husband, my career, and my sanity…and not lose any of them.
5. I will have a good great year..and so will my students!
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  1. I am going to a new school this year and am SO glad to be away from the gossip at my previous school. It was terrible! And you are right, these students are not sent here to torture us. They just don't know any better…yet!

    Kinder Kraziness

  2. I loved your comment about the new babies not *trying* to torture us…I always come home and tell my husband how hard it is to start all over with a new group each year. I'll adopt one of your resolutions and try to be patient too!

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