Have you seen this guy?

He’s pretty cute, right?  
Well, years ago, I saw this idea done by Angela Wynn (fabulous teacher)…and having done it myself for several years now, I am always asked (after folks visit my class site)”How do you make those Grassheads?”  Soo…I decided to create an activity pack that includes written and full color photo directions along with writing activities, journal prompts, class graph, nameplates, a recording journal and more!
Check it out on Teacher’s Notebook 
 and at TPT!
Hope you love them!


  1. I love these lil dudes! I made them a couple years ago with my kiddos. I'm thinkin they would be perfect with my Earth Day/Recycling unit. AND…what a great idea for this unit-checkin' it out for sure!!!

    First Grade Fever

  2. I love these!
    We make them every year in the spring when we read The Meanies books in K. Then we make these as our own "meanies"
    Love your unit idea!

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