New Project & a Freebie

I have wanted to re-do the Guided Reading Table Cards that I use every day for some time now, but haven’t made the time to do so…until today.  These are cards I use when I am at my table, with my reading groups.  I use them at the beginning of every lesson/intervention for my emergent readers.  They focus on not only blends and digraphs, but also tricky letters and combinations.  When we read them, we say the sound three times and then the rest of the card.  For instance, “sh, sh, in shut” or “le, le, le as in table”.  Focusing on the sound and the key (I believe) is the repetition.  I saw the procedure on a video and tried it…and ended up liking it.  We made our own cards, but they weren’t very attractive.  The cards I made today are still cute, but very basic- the focus is not on anything but the letters/sound and the word it is associated with…there are no picture cues.  I only add the card to my ring once we have gone over the sound in whole group, etc.  Eventually I add a duplicate set into my Letters and Sounds Station.  I have also used a highlighter to highlight the sound in the word…
Click on the picture to visit my TPT listing.  There are over 60 cards in the set~ only $3!

I also listed a freebie for all my is a remake of another poster I made years ago…it emphasizes to my students the different ways to pronounce the -ed ending on words.  It is confusing, right?  Sometimes it sounds like a ‘d’…sometimes a ‘t’…and other times like ‘ed’! Anyway, click on the picture to get it and also a copy of a read along I put in my literacy stations when we are focusing on the -ed ending.  Oh, and while you are visiting my store, even if only to get the freebie, please take a moment to check out my pattern block sight word math and lit station…or any of my other listings!


  1. Yeah!! I am so glad someone else can use them.. I promise, they work! If you think of or see any ones I missed, lmk and I will add them to the set and send them to you =)

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