Robot Close Read and Crafts

Robot Close Read and Crafts:  Can you believe I started this unit back in 2014?  A lot has happened since then and obviously it got placed on the back burner until now.  But I finally finished it and I am super happy with how it turned out!  This Robot Science unit is finally here!

Robot Close Read and Crafts

That year we went to the science museum and I wanted my students to have some background with robots before we visited the museum.  Here is the robot bulletin board we created:

Robot Close Read and Craft

I cut out the pieces for the craft (blackline template included in the unit).  I made little tags for each stack.  In the past, I have also given the kids the template and let them cut out their own pieces.  They could assemble the pieces any way they chose.

Here’s a collage of many of the pages from the Robot Close Read and Crafts  unit:

I also have a robot directed drawing that is a freebie in my TpT shop.

Robot Close Read and Crafts directed drawing

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