Would You Rather: Question, Answer, & Justify

Would You Rather: Question, Answer, & Justify

Would You Rather: Question, Answer, & Justify:  I have been prepping for a presentation at this summer’s I Teach 1st Conference in Las Vegas entitled, “Who Says Rigor Can’t Be Fun?”  I’m teaching Kindergarten now, but I decided to try and bring in some critical thinking into my classroom.  This newest idea would work well at the beginning of first grade and the end of kindergarten ideally, but honestly, I think upper grade kids could have fun with it, too!  You can find out more {HERE}

would you rather FI

”Would You Rather: Question, Answer, & Justify” is a fun way to introduce open-ended, higher  level thinking questioning that requires justification.  Children choose an option and then write about WHY that would be their choice.  It seems like a simple concept, but I was surprised by how into it the kids were.

would you rather kindergten would you rather first grade

I am using a chalkboard stand that I got from the Target Dollar Spot and then I use two cards from the pack to give my kids a simple choice.  But it doesn’t end there, they have to justify their choice and write about WHY they chose what they chose. I also added the baskets where my kids can put their number into the basket for the choice.  We can then discuss and graph the results.

critical thinking activity

elementary critical thinking

elementary critical thinking

justify your answer kindergarten

justify your answer

If you are thinking about attending I Teach 1st or I Teach K in Vegas, click {HERE}


make a choice and write

I think anything we can do to encourage thinking in our classrooms is important!  There are 40 days’ worth of choices included.  Find tWould You Rather: Question, Answer, & Justify on TpT {HERE}.

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