{Updated Packs!}

I have been spending some more time updating old packs of mine.  The next two that have been revised are both Labeling packs.  I added B&W versions of the pages…almost doubling the size of the packs!
If you have purchased either of these, log in to either your TPT or TN account, go to your purchases page and download them again to get the updated versions!!
Basic, introductory pack for labeling:
(the one that started it all!! =)
Label It! Pack for Brown Bear, Brown Bear
I apologize for any inconvenience, but these were some of the first labeling packs I created…you live and learn (and get better, right?  =)


  1. I LOVE your labeling packs! I just did the same thing with some of my packs. Can you believe that teachers can't print all of these great printables in color?? LOL! LIke you said, LIve and learn!

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