STEM Force and Motion FREEBIE

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STEM studies are important and Force and Motion can be tricky to teach. This FREEBIE will make your life easier for sure! I hope you love it!

STEM Force and Motion FREEBIE: Earlier this year, we worked on force and motion which culminated in a STEM lesson complete with cheap cars from Wal-Mart and cut up pieces of boxes, blocks, and paper towel rolls.  One of my students’ went home and told his mom that “school is so much fun!”
Isn’t that what we want most? ….for out kids to love school?  This was a simple and fun way to achieve that goal.  Hope you can use the freebie!   
The first page is a planning page where they will make a prediction and then come back after the experiment to summarize. The second page is a recording page for which ramp or creation made their car go the best (and also two other combinations).  I let mine draw their creations, as well as describe it.

 Get your FREEBIE {HERE}

Jack had a blast, too!
This week we’ll be using my Penguin Close Read to learn all about our favorite flightless birds 

 This is one of the pages from the pack that we will be doing =)

(btw, we went to the movies yesterday and saw the Penguins of Madagascar and it was REALLY good!)  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  I have laundry to fold and yes, I STILL need to take down our Christmas trees #wishIcouldwigglemynose

I am sure you will love this STEM Force and Motion FREEBIE. Need more science activities? Click HERE!


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