PENGUINS, 100th Day, Crystal Experiment, and Snow Globe FREEBIES

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We learned about penguins this week….we read about them with my Penguin Close Read, we made the cute ones shown below from my Penguin Pack, we did a directed drawing {found HERE for free}  and don’t forget that we watched penguins on the penguin cam, too!
Penguins 100th day freebie

Penguins 100th day freebie

But that’s not all we did, we also learned a little about suspensions while we created the most amazing crystals!
Penguin activities,  100th day fun and a crystal freebie you can’t miss!
I boiled a jar of water and added 1/2 cup of Borax…then dropped in a blue pipe cleaner bent into a 6 sided crystal shape tied to a string and hung from a pencil.  The next day, we saw the most amazing transformation! If you’d like to get printable below: {HERE}
I also needed to update my bulletin board in the hallway and decided to create snow globes! We used crayon to draw on the globes and then blue water colors to paint over it!  The effect was so pretty!
We created snow globes, here is the pattern and printable {HERE} in case you’d like to do it! =)

100th Day

AND that’s not all!  I updated my 100th Day Pack to include an EDITABLE version of the banner!  Our 100th day is Tuesday, so I will take pictures and share them soon!  You can find my 100th Day pack {HERE}
I am loving the weather today and REALLY need to go for a walk…but I have tomorrow off, too, so maybe I will take the walk then! Let’s all have a great week! Looking for other 100th Day activities? Click HERE!


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