Valentine’s Day Close Read and 100th Day Activities

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Valentine’s Day Close Read and 100th Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Close Read and 100th Day : February will be here before you know it and with it comes the season of love…so I decided to revise a Valentine’s Day craft pack from back in the day and add a close read and some super cute, updated pages for that day of love! <3. You can seen another post about a cute Valentine’s Day craft HERE! Valentine’s Day Close Read and 100th Day  can both be so much fun!

 The close read is not as detailed as my typical ones, it’s just a bit of history about the traditions and holiday itself.  Find my Valentine’s Day Pack {HERE}  If you’ve already purchased it, PLEASE go download it again…you won’t be sorry!

During this VERY long 4 day week, we also did some other things….
We made these super cute Snowflake Art creations from my friend Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts:

Our 100th Day was last Tuesday and we had SO much fun!
Here are some random pics from the celebration:

100th Day

These pages and the banner are from my 100 Days Smarter Pack {HERE}

 We had a TON of goodies to count out for 100!  PLEASE don’t comment about how unhealthy it looks!  It will be OK!!!  It’s only once a year!! Take a deep breath, my kids survived!  That’s how I roll, deep breaths, serenity now!

We made predictions about if 100 licks would make our sucker disappear… I got this from a super cute pack of freebies found {HERE} from First Grade W.O.W.

 We also finished up our Storytown story this week, Snow Surprise, and made these adorable snow mice!  Check out the awesome snowflake design on the green mouse at the top!!

It’s been a busy weekend, here’s to hoping the coming week is calmer!!

Valentine’s Day Close Read and 100th Day Activities can also be found HERE!


  1. Boy look at all that unhealthy food! Bahahah! J/K! I cracked up when you wrote "Please don't comment on how unhealthy it looks!!!" I give my kids candy all the time. Just sayin'! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

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