Back To School Survival Pack for First Grade

I know, if you are anything like me, you are always nervous about those first couple of weeks of school.  Will I have enough stuff for the kids to do?  What if I need something for a time filler?  What if they start driving me bonkers??
I designed my newest pack all around the idea of surviving the first two weeks of school!
Included are two weeks’ worth of activities, morning work, and fun pages…I also included an easy craft and emergent reader!  Although the pages are specifically for first grade, I think they would work for a high K which is why I included the themed pages for K-2 just in case someone needed them in the pack =)
These are just SOME of the pages included:
Table of Contents
Pages 3-5 First Day of school writing and class graph
  Page 6 All About Your Name 
  Page 7 Name Class Graph
  Page 8 Summer Vacation
  Page 9 Love Your Grade
  Pages 10-11 All About My Teacher
  Page 12-13 Writing About Books, great to add to a station after being modeled 
  Page 14 Follow the Rules
  Page 15 Write the Room for Friends
  Page 16 All About My Friends
Pages 18-20 Color by number or letter
  Page 21 Best Friend Page
  Page 22-23 Make a Bracelet
  Page 24 Bookmarks
  Page 25 School Page
  Pages 26-28 Write your letters
  Pages 30-36 Class Book
  Pages 37-47  Morning Work
  Pages 48-51 Schoolhouse Craft
  Pages 52-60 First Day and Open House Pages
A Couple of Examples of the pages:
Find the freebie pack below by clicking “download preview” on the product listing at TPT or TN!
If you would like to win this pack, leave a comment below and I will choose a winner with the random number generator in a couple of days!
We have a winner! Erica!!  
And a bonus winner (because she wrote me a poem!) Maureen!!


  1. I'm a special ed teacher working with K-4 students with behavioral challenges. This is my first year to teach first grade and I happened upon your pack. This would make my life so my easier! Most teachers have one grade level, sometimes two, but I have to plan for 4 grade levels every day/each week. Thank you for putting the pack together.

  2. Those first few days are crazy! This will be my 20th year and I am excited about the new bunch of kids coming my way. I would love a chance to win this pack 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I'm a 1st grade teacher in Mexico City (I have taught French at pre-K and Kindergarten level in Atlanta, before coming to Mexico).
    I'm working on my lesson plan for the coming school year, and to be honest with you, the pack would be a very useful resource for our ESL classroom!

    Have a peaceful day,

  4. Wow…such a great variety of activities in this pack…fingers crossed for the giveaway! THank you for the freebie, too!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  5. Looks very cute! And what a great idea! I do always feel like I need little fillers those first couple of weeks when we are focusing on teaching rules and procedures. 🙂

  6. Awesome first day work for the students. This will be great in anyone's class and help the students get to know each other especially if their are new students to the school. I hope to win a packet and will definitely use it every year…

  7. Even though I have a year under my belt now I still feel just as overwhelmed by the first weeks of school. This would make me feel SO much better. I hope I win!

  8. I teach a pre-k program for students who are age appropriate for kindergarten, but are young so parents decide to wait a year and I think this would be fabulous for a little later in the year! I love the school house craft. I teach at a small church with a bell tower and it kind of looks like this 🙂 THANK YOU!

  9. How awesome!!!!! I'm always so impressed with the amazing things the teacher community can create…the possibilities are endless!!!!! With 9 years of teaching Kdg in the same room/school…with so many friendships formed…I felt I needed a change…so off I go to a whole other school into first grade! EEEK! Giving someone a chance to win this is so awesome!!! I'm so nervous…and this could really give me a great start to hopefully a great year!! Thanks so much!!

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