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I am joining in with Fern Smith‘s Top Three Most Viewed Posts Linky Party!
 I don’t have really, super high numbers…but for me, it seems big =)
with 12, 332 views
with 6, 589 views
with 4,796 views
I am currently working on a ton of things for the New (school) Year!…so watch out!! 
Maybe I can get those numbers even higher!! lol
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I did…basically stayed in my pj’s ….except for our annual trip to the Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day =)


  1. What do you mean you don't have high numbers??! I look at your blog 75000 times an hour, I just break the stats calculator so it doesn't recognize 😉 you are plain awesome!!!

  2. Jennifer,
    Thank you for linking up at my linky party! 12K+ is amazing! I love the elf!
    Have you seen the movie Christmas Story? The dogs next door eat the turkey so they end up in a Chinese restaurant….I pictured your family getting sung to like the movie…. ♫ Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra! ♫
    Happy New Year,
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

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