And the Countdown Begins!

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It’s the final countdown!!!
(enter Europe musical interlude- and if you don’t get the reference, you are not 
part of my “generation”! lol)  
Tomorrow is OUR LAST DAY!!!  Do you hear what I am saying?????
Oh, and here is an awesome video shared by Tina at Quench Your First…if you haven’t watched it, then you should…especially if tomorrow is your last day!
Anyway, we had our “Bring your elf to school day” today and the kids loved reading to their elves and even grew elf ears!! (idea from Pinterest)
Here are a couple of pictures!

They brought small animals if they didn’t have elves.  They were thrilled!  We did all sorts of fun elf themed things.  By the way, did I mention tomorrow is my last day? (ha)


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