Contraction Surgery {FREEBIE}


Contraction Surgery {FREEBIE}

Earlier this year, we worked on contractions and performed “surgery,” which you’ve seen before, but I had to share a freebie I made for the activities AFTER I placed them in a station.  
First off, I purchased two contraction surgery/bones packs…one by Kelli Pepper 
and another one by First Grade Fever
We used a combination of both packs in class…complete with surgical masks, gloves, and bandages…the whole deal!
To use the activity in a station, I purchased a First Aid bag at Target on the clearance rack.  For the station, I used the bones shown above, cut up and placed int he First Aid bag.
I printed the band-aids at like 15% and placed them in an Altoids Tin and also added to the bag.
Next, I added masks, scissors, glue-sticks, and gloves…along with the FREEBIE below.  The freebie is a list of word combinations and the contraction that they will combine to make.  You can use it in the station as a “cheat sheet” or a way for kids to check their work after they’ve “fixed” the bone.
Jack LOVED being a surgeon! Looking for great opinion writing ideas? Click HERE!


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