Opinion Writing


Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing:  Everyone has an opinion, right?  Of course they do and they don’t all have to be the same.  We can be respectful of other people’s opinions (there are some adults I wish that would realize that)!  I think it’s important to teach children the importance of expressing an opinion, not to mention it’s part of our standards!   Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post about how I teach opinion writing.  I recently revised my Opinion Pack and thought since one of my sessions this week in Vegas at I Teach 1st is all about writing that this would be the perfect time to share! I’ve used components of this writing pack in first grade and kindergarten.  I start the unit with a monthly question, that we complete with a class survey:

opinion writing survey

Next we do a ‘quick write’ list of reasons for our opinion.

opinion writing list

Then we complete an opinion outline.

Opinion writing kinder

There’s also an opinion frame (if needed) but you can skip this step for your more experienced writers.

opinion frame

Finally, we write, being sure to include reasons for our opinion and a closing.

write an opinion piece

The great thing about the pack is that you can move at your own pace.  You have a question (or theme) for each month.  You may choose to do the survey one day, the frame the next day and so on, finishing in a week.  Or you may choose to use it over an extended period of time, 2 weeks or more.  It’s totally up to you and what’s best for your class.

I teach my students opinion writing and that your opinion can’t really be wrong, as long as you have a reason for what you think.  That’s the MAGIC of the word because.   This is my opinion…BECAUSE:

Magic Word Because

The pack also includes slides for your computer, data projector, or to make posters to help you begin a discussion of opinions.

Opinion Writing First Grade

I also have my Would You Rather packs that are terrific to extend your opinion writing to stations or to quick writes!


would you rather kinder first grade


writing in the classroom

If you already own my Opinion Pack, PLEASE download it again, you won’t be disappointed!!  I am also almost finished revising its sister pack for Expository Writing…it’ll be a TERRIFIC change!  Wish me luck for tomorrow and cross our fingers that Vegas is kind to me! =)


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