Community Helper Group Activity


Community Helpers activity kindergarten

Community Helper Group Activity:  I asked my students brainstorm with their groups what  community helpers they would need in the community they are designing  They chose their top 4 and listed them on the community helpers page.  Next they drew the community helper buildings on their maps.  The next day, we discussed as a class what we might need in addition to what we already had in our “towns.”  Groups then had an opportunity to add 4 more community helpers and buildings on a second map and list page.

activity community helpers

community helper books

community helper first grade

community helper free pages

community helper kindergarten

You can get the engaging Community Helper Group Activity pages {HERE}

community helpers worksheet community helpers

communiy helper page

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My students were so proud to share about their “towns” and we displayed the pages in the hallway!  Get the FREEBIE {HERE} on TpT!


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