Mother’s Day Thumbprint Magnet Gift

Mother’s Day Thumbprint Magnet Gift

Mother's Day Gift Kindergarten thumbprint

Mother’s Day Thumbprint Magnet Gift: Just a quick post to show you what I did for Mother’s Day gifts this year. It’s best to keep it simple and sweet.  I found these wrapped mini-canvases (2×2) at Hobby Lobby, 6 for $5 and with a coupon they were less than that.  I found these on Amazon, packs of 12 for around 10 bucks!

 Find them {HERE} on Amazon.


First I had the kids write “I love you” in pencil  on a slightly erased pencil line.  Then they outlined their words with a fine tipped Sharpie.

Mother's Day First Grade

Next I used their thumbprints to make a heart with red acrylic paint.  I added the outline, year, and arrow with the Sharpie.  Last, I sprayed them with Mod Podge Clear Spray and added an adhesive magnet to the back.

Mother's Day craft Kindergarten

Simple, but so cute! I also have a super cute Mother’s Day Directed Drawing found HERE. Each one is so unique and different. First the kids draw a picture of their mom. Then I usually purchase dollar store frames to put them in.


The idea for this craft came from a pin {HERE}

Kindergarten Mother's Day

I hope you have a great Mother’s Day =)


  1. Hi,
    I wonder if I could do this same thing with small tiles of some sort? I love your website especially the pictures that scroll across your home page. I am working on my own first school website so I will use yours as an example of something to work towards! I tried building a site with dreamweaver adobe software…took a class…but I am not at all happy with it. I might have to go with a site.
    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Your photos are of such great quality!

  2. These are super cute!! What type of magnet did you use on the back so they would hang on something?

  3. Thank you for the great idea. Any advice on how to advise the kids ( second grade class) on how best to make the heart with their thumb print? We only have 1 shot.

  4. Were the adhesive magnet dots thick enough to stick up and reach whatever magnetic surface you were wanting them to stick to? I worry that the frame of the canvas will be too thick and the magnet will never come in contact with anything.

    1. I hot glue the round penny magnet to the wood that surrounds the back on the canvas. Hope that helps!

  5. How long did you wait before the Mod Podge or did you do that before writing? My sharpie work just bled on my samples after spraying…

    1. Then I would spray first and when it’s dry (not tacky to touch) then use your Sharpie. To be honest, this year I didn’t use the Mod Podge at all and they turned out great =)

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