Label It! Landforms, Habitats, and Seasons (Freebie and Giveaway)

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I had a few sweet followers (who love my labeling packs) suggest that I create a pack which integrated science, specifically seasons & landforms with labeling.  I was sort of stumped as to how to tackle the idea, seasons being the hardest for me…but when I saw Ashley Hughes’ School Supply Addict clipart for landforms and biomes, I knew it was worth a shot!  
I would say these are best for 1-3rd grade, but higher grades may like them for an independent station activity, and lower grades may choose to use them during a thematic unit in whole group.  In all, there are 60 mats, half color and half B&W. 
(I also included 11 B&W graphic organizers.)  The pack has a direction page for station use and a page for recording sentences using the vocabulary.
The pictures of the pack show the cover page,  a few examples of the mats, and a contents page for that particular section.
I added mats for the seasons using Little Red‘s seasonal tree clipart (In the pack there is also a combination labeling page):
Find the pack here:
If you click “download preview” at either link, you can get the freebie below!  

If you’d like to win a copy of this pack, leave a comment below and I will choose a winner in a couple of days!  

We have a winner!  Congrats Mr. First Grade!
(Don’t forget to enter My Giveaway for $50 to MPM School Supplies!!)


  1. These look great, as usual!!! One bit of constructive advice – while I adore this font, what if you used one that highlighted the fact that seasons don't get capitalized? (So we can teach one more nugget with these lovely and helpful resources?) Or maybe they should be capitalized on a visual like this, as they would be if in a title? I'm not sure, please just take it as a helpful suggestion. 🙂 Love your work and blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think there might have been some confusion about the capitalization on the cover page I showed. I fixed the preview so that you can see the actual season labeling pages that do not have anything capitalized (which I should have put on here to begin with) Hope it helps clear things up…thanks for the suggestions! ((hugs)) Jennifer

  2. This labeling packet covers many of the concepts we teach in second grade. Would love to have this for next year! Thanks!

    rosemarykn at

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