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Just in time for back-to-school classroom decorating, ArtSkills ( introduces the affordable NEW Learn, Motivate, Reward line of classroom decorations, teaching aids and seasonal items – each just $1.00 available exclusively at Dollar General stores nationwide (  They were nice enough to send me a big box of goodies and I was very impressed at the selection, not to mention that it is all super affordable!

LOVE the scratch and sniff stickers!  And only $1!!!!

Now, teachers can create an inviting, unique classroom experience – affordably! For less than $5.00, you can personalize an entire bulletin board and motivate your students to keep their eyes on the prize.
The NEW Learn, Motivate, Reward Line includes classroom decorations such as:
  • Bulletin board letters
  • Decorative headers  
  • Bulletin borders
  • Word strips
  • Wall banners
  • Dry erase posters
  • Interactive, Personalized Posters which allow you to feature  your students’ names in your classroom décor
  • Incentive stickers
  • Certificates
  • U.S. coins and bills
  • Math learning charts (multiplication, division, fractions and decimals)
  • And much more!
  • And much more!
Visit your local Dollar General for some of these great items!!
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  1. Wow!!! This is awesome. I am in need of some letters for a bulletin board. These are so cute and so cheap. I am heading there today. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What a great post! Thanks for sharing all the great items in the new line. I love that the prices are easy on the wallet as well. I'm on my way to Dollar General now…

  3. I had no idea they had such fantastic stuff! I will have to make the trip out to that store to check things out. I did get a few things from my target dollar bin, but I always love teacher stuff on the cheap! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Oh MY, now I have to leave a project to go check out DG!!! Isn't it funny how we teachers get so excited about such things!!! Too cool–thank you so much for the tip!!!

  5. I just got some pretty blue and green baskets at Dollar Tree that are perfect for my class. I also found wooden letters at Target's $1 section to spell the word READ. The letters already had magnets on the back too and were covered in glitter.

  6. I have been purchasing all of the sale items at Staples for the last few weeks. I bought mechanical pencils, colorful pens, folders, pencil boxes, and a bunch of other things. I walked out with 4 bags of things for only $16.

  7. I love Dollar General! I just got new foam dice there in 4 different colors. They had these cool fly swatters that were over sized. I bought them for my "slap" a letter center.

  8. Lori Raines, what a great idea! I haven't heard of Dollar General before. Now I need to see if there is one close to me. I'm heading to the website to find out!

  9. Looks like fun!! I have been going crazy at THE DOLLAR TREE! I bought 24 clear "shoe" boxes for my math centers and word work. I also started piling up on all the fall decor for my Sept. and Oct. bulletin boards, the small scarecrows are SO cute and look great on the boards! They have lots of other inexpensive items that you can fill up your class with, check them out!

  10. A few years ago I had the pleasure to teach for a semester in Scotland. They do not have "teacher stores" in Scotland. I was completely out of my element and had no idea how to decorate my classroom! But, they DO have "pound stores", the equivalent of our dollar stores. I have never looked back since returning. As far as I am concerned, my local Dollar General store IS my "teacher store"!

  11. What a great find. Who would have thought Dollar General Store. I have up just up the street from school. Will go by there tomorrow. I need some more sandwich boxes to make glue/sponge containers. Got some at Dollar Tree but Dollar General is closer to school. Thanks.

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