Easy Holiday Craft Pack & Giveaway! Simple Reindeer Glyph

As all of you know, I was moved to Kindergarten for just this year and again with the holidays coming up, I needed to design SIMPLE crafts that look cute and that my kinders can do in a flash (time isn’t on our side recently).  Check out my newest creation…I LOVE how the Santas turned out!  

The reindeer has a simple glyph included as an option and then there are also some writing prompts and activities for the holidays. 
Here is my hallway bulletin board =)  
I really wish the pictures did it justice, it is so much cuter in real life!
Find it:

P.S. Don’t forget the Teachers Notebook Sale happening this weekend until Monday and the TPT Sale Monday and Tuesday!!


  1. Hmmmm…what do I want for Christmas? For my classroom, I want one of those really nice pencil sharpeners that all of my teacher/blog friends have. Oh and all of my wishlist items on TpT! For me personally, I would like to have all of my family together for Christmas. Colorado seems to far away from Texas this time of year!

  2. I love the reindeer! I want a color printer for Christmas! And as a brand new teacher that started 2 months into the school year, I want to finally find the "groove" that my class is looking for….I can feel it coming though,and seeing all the wonderful blogs really inspires me!

  3. I'm hoping to get a new apple computer…though I don't think that will happen lol. Cute new pack and hope you are doing great!


  4. What do I want? MMMmmmm. . . Nobody ever asks that question. For home I would love a new crockpot – with two handles – one of mine has been broken forever. Haha. A waffle iron that makes more than two waffles at a time – I have four children – need I say more. For school I would love a color printer and lots of laminating sheets. Tpt gift cards would be super too!


  5. I love all your ideas Jennifer, you are so talented.
    My Christmas wish is for a little elf to come and cook Christmas lunch for me. EVERYONE comes to my house for Christmas!! I do love it but I am super busy.

    Classroom Fun

  6. Actually, I don't have anything on my Christmas list…I am more the 'buy it when the price is right' girl, which usually isn't right before Christmas. So, how about world peace? A la Miss Congeniality 🙂

    I teach second grade and we are all about simple, cute and finish in a flash, too!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. For Christmas this year, I would like my son who is about to deploy overseas to tell me he doesn't have to go. Having him tell his brothers, dad and myself that would be the best thing ever! Thank you for all your blessed talent! I love your products. Happy Holidays to you! (What would you wish for?)
    Gloria, iteachtobeach@gmail.com

  8. What I want for Christmas … well, might as well go out on a "wishful" limb … a shopping spree for new clothes. Since having kids I've found it harder and harder to budget for my own needs. But truth is, I wouldn't change it for anything. I'd take my kids over new clothes any day. They are amazing and I'm so grateful to be a mom!

    I love your Santas. Love how they have such rosy faces! So cute.


  9. I want way too much teacher stuff for Christmas!! But what I would really love is to afford a trip to see my Grandma and other extended family for the holidays. I think I will have to settle for some teacher stuff and hopefully a Home Goods gift card!

    Kindergarten Kel

  10. I always feel guilty asking for anything for myself because I want everything for my son who is 2. So, if I got an I-Pad I promise to share it!!! 🙂

  11. Love your cute crafts….
    We are scaling back this year for Christmas, saving money for a trip this summer.
    That being said, I would enjoy some special time with each of my boys….. oh…. and this really cute pari of zebra striped Ugg slippers!

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