5 for Friday

It has been a really long time since I linked up with 5 for Friday.  But since I had some funny things happen this week, I decided to join in on the fun!
First up is my pumpkin glyphs that I will be sharing more about this weekend from my
Next up is this necklace that one of my kiddos wore to school:
(ignore the fact that it is sideways, it won’t upload the right way..)
When I told her how fancy the necklace was, she said she got it from “those Amish ” people.  When I said, “Oh really?”  She said, “They make GOOD stuff!”  Too funny.
There was a point this week that one of my students asked something in class and I said, “No, Sorry, Charlie” (something I have said a million times, but I guess they finally heard me)
Their reply?

“Who’s Charlie?”

I tried to explain about the tuna fish commercials that used to be on TV, they just shook their heads in disbelief.  I really think they think I am a little crazy.
And the title of my newest children’s book:

“If you put a jacket in the toilet”

…some poor teacher will have to fish it out. 
It is autobiographical . . .enough said.
 A picture of my 3 kids at Noccolula Falls:
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