Good Bye and Hello: Moving

Good Bye and Hello: Moving! Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve not been blogging recently…although I have plans to change that (I hope!)  Life has sort of gotten in the way. For one thing, say GOOD-BYE to this:
And HELLO to this during the last week of school:

My new Room

And now HELLO to this:
 And then this…
Some of this:

Good Bye and Hello: Moving AGAIN! Yep, you guessed it.  I am changing rooms. Moving is not an everyday thing!  Not only that, but the room had to be painted (by me) and new flooring has had to be installed (not by me).  So it has been a hectic few weeks.  Did I mention it is down a flight of stairs.  Apparently I am a bit of a hoarder…so there is still A LOT that needs to be moved, including one giant sized loft (by me)! #scared
 Exhibit A:
But what else have I been up to?  Well, we went to the beach.  We ate well, saw dolphins, celebrated Emma’s 14th birthday, and…
 even visited a battleship!
 We celebrated Jack’s 8th birthday with some dinosaurs.
As for my upcoming week, I have math trainings all week and I also plan to return to a book study that I started and never finished during the school year with this book:

Anyone else read it?  If you haven’t, get it!!
AND then there are also two other minor things (#sarcasm) I’ve been finishing up:

 I am presenting at I Teach 1st in Las Vegas on July 8th all about what I have learned after 18 years in the classroom!  I am so excited to participate in this SDE event! (there’s a button on the sidebar for more details!)
 I am also presenting at the TpT Conference on July 10th  in Vegas about how to manage everything in life and “do it all!” I love meeting other TpT sellers and seeing all my bloggy friends!  I’ve already had a nightmare that my sessions are empty and it’s just me, talking to this empty room….sad and lonely.  #cuckoo #becausemyfriendangelawillbethere
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  1. I,sadly, won't be attending the conference. But….I will be checking back to see your new room pics!
    I can't wait…I know it will be awesome :0)

  2. Jennifer,
    I will be attending your TPT session. I love last year's session and I raved about it my my TPT conference evaluation! I love reading your blog and purchasing your products in your TPT store! Thanks, Jennifer for all you contributions to our profession.

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