New Hallway Curtain & a Jungle Mini Giveaway

New Hallway Curtain & a Jungle Mini Giveaway

What have I been up to?  Well,there is that minor thing of a Watermelon Unit that has been consuming my late nights… but in addition to that, I used my sewing skills to create a new curtain for the entrance to my room.  It is an easy project. I just use a shower (thick, heavy duty one)  rod (the kind you twist to make it longer)  to hold it up.  Eazy Peazy!  The other one had the same red/white polka dots at the bottom, but with zebra fabric. =)  Since I’m changing over to an ocean/pirate them, out with the zebra and in with a (somewhat) more neutral black/white flower pattern. Let’s just say they are underwater flowers…lol

Awesome, right?  Ok, I know a lot of you are doing a jungle theme…so if you are interested in the other curtain, just leave a comment and I will randomly choose a winner Sunday =)  New Hallway Curtain & a Jungle Mini Giveaway is here!



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