Look! Sight Word Activity Freebie

We are working hard on Sight Words this year!
I like to create pages (when it applies) where my students either draw or act out the sight word in some way.  Here is a quick little page I created for my kids to help them remember “look”  They draw the two o’s as eyes and then fill in the blank with what they are looking at (then illustrate).  
Hope you love it!

Another thing I have found that my students LOVE is the pack of sight word watches from 
The Moffatt Girls!  They are SO cute and my students love to wear them all day!  Can you tell our other sight word this week was “what”?!
And I had to share this sweet picture.  I often have my students write sentences and illustrate parts…this sweetie used our directed drawing from a few weeks ago to fill in for the word penguin!  
LOVE it!
If you grab the freebie, be sure to leave me a comment below!!


  1. Love this idea! I have been teaching my kids to make "glasses" with their fingers to make the 2 o's in look. This would be a perfect follow-up! Thanks for sharing!

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