How To Organize Your Fonts! Freebie, too!

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 This is it.  I have finally found a quick and easy way to keep up with all my fonts!
Since the days when I moved away from comic sans as my “go to” font, I have accumulated a lot of awesome, sometimes decorative fonts that I {heart}.  My problem has been that when I am creating a pack or working on a document, I don’t have time to scroll through a ton of (sometimes small) fonts to choose one that works from the drop down menu.  So what I usually do is just use a handful of my fonts, even though I have many more.
Not anymore! I have found a way to quickly look over my fonts to choose the PERFECT one!
The small version I printed two copies and laminated them, one is bound with a brad and one with a ring…just to see which works best.  One is with my computer at school and one is next to my computer at home.  When I am working, I flip through the booklet and choose the font that is “just right”!
Another idea is to print them out and place them in plastic sleeves in a notebook.
The cover you see in the picture is my first attempt, I used it in the “test” stage of my new font organizer.
It is also awesome for when you know what a font looks like, but can’t remember its name, flip through the book and find it quick!

How to:

You may be thinking that it would take an eternity to do this.  For me, it took about 30 minutes.  I used Pages (or Word) and created a text box, then I looked at my scroll down menu of fonts, chose the first one and typed its name, then the next.  I did NOT type the fonts that are standard or the plain, ugly ones that came with the computer, just my super cool ones =)
I chose an 18point font for each unless it came out too big or small, it ended up that I only had to adjust a few to either larger or smaller.
And for doodles?  I copied and pasted the alphabet with each doodle and have 
it saved as a document also!

(artwork used is from Little Red’s Clipart and Kevin& Amanda’s fonts)
Hope this helps!  Maybe do it as a summer project?!
Let me know what you think below or share if you have any helpful suggestions for how you organize your fonts!


  1. This is an amazing idea. I definitely need to do this. I don't do a lot of creating at school, or if I do, I bring my laptop in so the fonts on two different computers wont be an issue for me. And unless it's a font's CD, I cant download and install fonts from the internet on my work computer–boo!!

    Love this idea for home though!


  2. What a fabulous way to organize all the fonts we have and having it as a visual list. This makes it so easy to pick one for any project you are working on. I am adding this organizational tool to my "summer do list"! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  3. This is a fabulous idea! I have trouble remembering where my fonts are in the long list of fonts that I have. I wish I could download fonts at school, but for some reason I can't. This will be great for home though!


  4. I need to do something like this for mine, but then I'd have to add commercial or personal. Some of my favorites I can't use for TpT. I guess I could type it up and then use parentheses and put C for commercial and P for personal…Must get busy! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    First Grade and Fabulous

  5. I have to admit – I'm clueless about installing fonts. Could you send me a private message how to go about that please? I would like to start using different fonts. I have downloaded a couple free ones – need to know how to use before I invest in more. Probably a simple thing to do. Thanks


  6. You are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous idea! Now, do you have any ideas on how to mangage graphics?!


  7. I keep a document in Word {like Jenn}. I love how you printed yours out and made a cute booklet, though! What happens when you download a new one, though? 🙂

    1. I use a Sharpie marker to write on the back of one of the pages and every once in a while I edit the document to include the new ones and print them out and replace the old ones on the ring.

  8. This is such a great idea! I have so many fonts that I don't even know what I have half the time!
    So funny about Comic Sans. That used to be my go to font and I thought it was so cute, too! Ha! Thanks for sharing this and for motivating me to finally get organized!!

  9. I love this! I think my computer is on its last leg, so this would be a great way for me to round up the fonts I love and want to put on my new computer. Thanks for the great idea!

    The First Grade Scoop
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  10. For me looking for the perfect font is the equivalent of looking for the perfect greeting card at the Hallmark store, I LOVE them all and could spend hours making a decision. What a Fantabulous idea, thanks for sharing.


  11. Love the idea. I had recently just started adding fonts to my new computer and so far have simply printed them out on a regular 8×11 sheet of paper, but like your flip book better. I have separated my list by categories also – holidays (Christmas, patriotic, Halloween), Disney, and misc. I then alphabetized them within each category as this makes it easier to find on the computer when you actually do them.

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