Foreign Language Children’s Books and Daily 5

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Foreign Language Children’s Books and Daily 5

Foreign Language Children’s Books and Daily 5: My bright idea is something I have used for years and recently started using it with Daily 5: 3 Ways to Read a Book, specifically “I can read the pictures”.  Upon introduction of the 3 Ways to Read a Book (book study blog post {here}) I show students one of my foreign language children’s books and ask them if they think I can read the book.  Of course, I ham it  up and show them some of the book, the letters and language…and the kids all say how there is NO WAY Ms White can read that book!  But then I show them how I can “read” the story by using the pictures.  

Daily 5

I don’t always use the books with Daily 5.   I’ve also shown the kids how they can use the books to tell a story. They can do this either on paper or to a friend.  Something about these books gets my students super excited. As if  they are “translating” the story using the pictures. Which is sort of a major part of reading in early grades, right?).  I’ve also been known to place these types of books in my writing station as inspiration….or tell my kids to use them while writing..what do you think the author is saying?  What’s the author’s purpose?  
Unfortunately, my closet being fully packed with all the items in my classroom made it so that I could only get to 2 of my collection.
If you’re thinking, “Where in the world would I find children’s books in a different language??”  Well, I have some suggestions.  The ones I have came from an unclaimed baggage store and a surplus shop in a neighboring town.  BUT I just checked ebay, (search terms I simply put: children’s books *insert your choice of foreign language here* language.  They have bundles of books, one lot I saw is a bundle of traditional fairytales all in Chinese.  So the pictures would be familiar in most of the books, but the words, not so much. 
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