Close Reading in Elementary School Book Study Ch 3 {FREEBIE}

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I am linking up with two of my Freebielicious Girls {Lyndsey and Tara} again this week for their book study on the book,  Close Reading in Elementary School.  Close Reading can be challenging because rarely do kids ever want to reread a challenging text just for the “fun of it.”  I mean, honestly, do you?  
Chapter 3 outlines 10 steps to develop a well designed lesson that incorporates close reading strategies.  When we do this, it builds a foundation for kids as they struggle with ongoing demands of challenging text.  The goal of the 10 steps is for kids to reach independence.

I liked the point in the book that it isn’t like you just hand a child challenging text and say “go for it!”  Young kids need alternative ways to “read” the text.  It may be video, move to oral text, and then picture books…integrating hands-on strategies, practice annotating, and finish up with other close read strategies like jigsawing or PEER Review.  

Here is a great freebie for you to use during those times when you want your kids to make comments/notes as they read:

Get the FREEBIE {here}

Oh, and I just finished up my Ladybug Close Read.  Check it out {here} if you think it might be something you want to add to your classroom =)

Who doesn’t love ladybugs?
You can find my latest Close Read {here}

 I got this ladybug life cycle on Amazon here:

Helpful Hint: I put the article inside a plastic sleeve so that kids can mark on it!
Check out  Lyndsey and Tara‘s newest posts for information about Chapter Three , too!


  1. Thanks for the great freebie. You are truly amazing! I can't keep up with you. Every time I turn around you have another post up about a book study or something with a great freebie. Where do you find the time to get it all done??

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