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Have you ever had just one of those days weeks where it just doesn’t seem to want to ever end?  Well, I am in the midst of one right now.  
Recently we were told we must not only include objectives and standard numbers on our lesson plans…but also a before, during, and after… PLUS strategic teaching strategies for each day…and a whole other list of things that will never, ever fit in the boxes provided by any lesson plan book!  EEK!!
I keep thinking it HAS to be Friday..and then I realize, nope…not so much =/  
SO…on a happier note, here is a little something I did to share..sharing makes me happy =)
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  1. Welcome to my life. LOL Since I started teaching, we have been required to include an essential question, standard, and an activating, teaching, and summarizing strategy. The joys of being at a Title I school! It's not too bad though once you get used to it. I actually think it's helpful.

  2. AMEN! Good grief this week is NEVER GOING TO END! We've had all this lesson plan ridiculousness as well. It's taking me 2-3 hours to write plans on the weekend. Why am I not writing them during planning? Not possible! Too many emails, meetings, phone calls, etc. AAAAAAH! Today when my counselor wandered in during my math small groups with a new student I almost cried. It about put me over the edge! I decided that instead of freaking out I would skip Zumba and buy a bottle of wine. It's helping…..a little.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. OMi-goodness!! You guys are killing me! I can't help but laugh cuz we are all feelin the same stresses! That wine might be our only answer! I just keep smiling in hopes that I'll eventually fool myself!!! lol
    Christie 🙂
    First Grade Fever

  4. Well, see? Right there? You just gave me a reason to be thankful. I am thankful that I do not have to do that. I have to do a bunch of other stuff but I do not have to do that.
    You hang in there, girl. My advice: go read blogs and you'll probably find someone worse off than you. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. I feel your pain…we have a new evaluation this year and I didn't know the objectives were all supposed to be posted on the board for my guided reading group objectives…I always have my whole group objectives posted but not for guided reading. Yep, got a zero. Then the principal informed the teachers this week that too many teachers he evaluated this month didn't know to have their objectives posted and to make sure they were up when he evaluated them…nice…

  6. @ Rebecca…That's harsh! I can't believe that he gave you a zero! I've been there, down in the dumps b/c of an evaluation…things will get better!! promise! =)

    @Kristin…Glad I could brighten your day! And Rebecca reminded me I have to start having my obj. posted, too!! Gotta get on that! lol..And you're right, there is always someone who has it worse..I gotta remember to be thankful =)

    @Christie…Yes, lots and lots of wine! lol

  7. We have our principal and 3 APs so it depends on who comes as to how my plans are. The first AP to check them this year said that I needed to include my closure in my plans, the second one didn't say a thing. I'm using the same plans I've used for 4 years I just revamp a few things and my principal told me they were meticulous. I hate having to include all 6 steps as if I'm not going to teach them all anyway. I never even look at my plan book!

  8. Thank you for the freebies! I can relate too! 17 out of my 18 kiddos are at-risk. We have to add ELPS to our lesson plans too…but no one is sure exactly "how". So, our lesson plans are returned to us but we aren't told how to make them better. My principal forgets about our lesson plans sometimes and won't say anything or forgets when you change the subject! hahaha…You know what I try to do them! =)
    I love your blog. Please stop by my blog for TONS of freebies!

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