Valentine’s Day, Cinquain Poems, Word Work FREEBIE

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Valentine’s Day, Cinquain Poems, Word Work FREEBIE

Valentine’s Day, Cinquain Poems, Word Work FREEBIE:  Nothing like a last minute idea on a holiday…that also happens to be Friday the 13th.  I used Lyndsey’s pattern for her “snowflakes on my tongue” craft {here} and just changed it up for a cute craft to go along with my all-time fav kids’ book,
Where the Wild Things Are!

We also did a few candy heart experiments.  Do they float?  What happens if they are placed in water, soda, or vinegar?  Well, the kids had a ball finding out the answers.
 For fantastic printable for the experiments, go grab this one {here} by Curriculum Castle for next year!  The other printable is mine from my Valentine’s Day Pack.
We started reading Junie B. Jones, Cheater Pants, last week and since she has t write one, I decided my students might like to write one also.  We had a quick mini-lesson on Cinquain Poems (or as May calls them, “Tin-Can Poems!”)

I created the above anchor chart to remind us what goes in each section.  I have the printable below at school.  If you’d like a copy, CLICK HERE!
This is one of my favs from the day:
I thought I’d also share something I made many years and so many of my students still enjoy using.  Simple, easy (my kind of activity).  Mix pom-poms, with words cards all in a plastic container.
I created a little mini-pack freebie for you to use if you’d like to use this idea, too!
We are bracing for some cold weather here in Alabama (or at least cold for us)…luckily we are already out on Monday.  Here’s to hoping we all stay warm!



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