Elves in the Hallway! {freebie, too}

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 Ok, I’ll admit it,  I haven’t introduced our elf in my classroom yet, but we did make our elves in preparation! That counts, right??  
I think our paper elves  turned out so cute, each one with their own personality!

You can check out my pack {here} on TPT

I hope to introduce our Classroom Elf this week, I will let you know how it goes and will definitely share the photos on Instagram, too!  (Follow me {here} )
Now all I have to do is figure out which one of our family’s elves will come to school and visit??

Be sure to link up with my friends Michelle and Mel to share your Elfcapades! 

Oh, and to get you started on your very own classroom elf fun, here is a super quick (cute) freebie!
Get it {here} on TPT!


  1. These elves are SO adorable!! Although I am not a teacher, I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from your blog, thank you so much for sharing them all 🙂

  2. I'm so glad you get to do cute and fun things like this with your class. It seems like the fun and cute stop in Kindergarten in too many schools now. They just don't see the value in it. Glad you do and that your school does, too.

  3. I agree with Sue T–in our school, we aren't even teaching science or social studies in grades1-3 because we are an urban school with an F on our school report card! Only Literacy and Math…but we can introduce science or social studies subjects during our "read aloud" time 🙁 Forget anything else. There is no fun in teaching the kids….only data collecting (read "assessing") and then teaching what is needed, then "collecting more data" (assessing again). No wonder the kids tune out. If I could have some fun time in first, they just MIGHT learn to love school!

  4. I Love the elves…I just had my kids make the Reindeer from your simple Christmas Glyph art and soon we will be making the Santa (from the same pack) and The Reindeer Glyph..I bought them all on your Cyber Monday Sale. I LOVE all your crafts, ideas and activities. I hope to have photos posted on my blog http://preschoolboogie.blogspot.com/ Stop by soon..Have a blessed and Merry Christmas

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