What I’ve Been Up to Lately

These are a couple of pics I have shared on Instagram, late night sessions in my classroom.
Boring door transformed into not so boring with laser frames from Michael’s…spray painted frames, plus they were super cheap!  My doors are OLD and so covering them with paper is really the only way I have to change them around!
Not so clear in the photo as in real life, but still I’m hanging on to some of the sea theme- another boring door transformed…painted it by hand (it’s not crooked in real life, but my photo taking skills with my phone make it look like it is! lol)  Please disregard the mess everywhere!
…and behind my desk, my calendar. I am planning on doing my morning math meeting with calendar on the smartboard…but I still wanted a place to put calendar “stuff”  Not finished with it…but plan to use it with Sarah Cooley’s Classy & Co calendar decor kit.
The border is scrunched paper…MrsJustiBuck did the same borders with different colors that are TDF!  She even shared how she did it on my Instagram comments!  (ignore the flower fly swatter! lol)
This is not even half f what I have been doing…can’t wait to share the rest with all of you!!!


  1. Everything looks ADORABLE! I am always so jealous of your cute bulletin boards and doors! Just precious!!!! Yay! I'm glad you could use my classy & co. kit! You are more ahead than I am! I need to get printing and laminating!!!!

    1. Lauren, I am with you! I was moved to a portable this year and there is a door between my classroom and my neighbor. Guess what I will be doing today?!?! Thank you so much for the great idea! 🙂

  2. Did you paint the mermaid? It is so cute! I wish I knew how to paint like that. A friend of my is great at drawing and painting cute characters.


  3. I would love insight on how/what you're going to do for calendar on the Smart Board. I've had a mimeo in my room for the past two years but I'm getting an actual smart board and would love to switch my calendar to that. any tips would be great! 🙂

    1. I will blog about it when I figure out what I am doing, too..still not sure myself! lol
      'Oceans of First Grade Fun' Blog just recently had a great post about what she does for her morning meeting that may help you =)

  4. You are too sweet!! I just love your calendar area…I actually have the same hobby lobby magnetic chevron board…thinking I need to paint it to match my classroom!
    Love your mermaid..absolutely precious!
    Justi 🙂

  5. Oh the cuteness! I love the mermaid door. Painting the frames was a great idea to dress up a bulletin board and the trim is perfect. I have a SMART board and do lots on it but have yet to convert my calendar because I'm nervous about what they would do if there were a sub in the room and my laptop wasn't there to run it! Hmm…

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

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