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If you are like me, you purchased Deanna Jump’s Common Core Standards Posters…and love them.  But there is that pesky problem of how to store I file them with specific lessons?…or do I keep them in a folders?…or in baggies? 
Well, I decided to tackle the problem with a photo box (perfect size- no trimming necessary!)  I had some boxes left over from when we had a jungle theme…the one I have just so happens to be zebra print (bought it at Michael’s).  
Anyway, I first organized all the standards strips by topic and subject…attached the velcro to the back so that I could copy Deanna’s ribbon display idea (love it).  
Next, I took the photo card dividers and put one between each topic…Between the subject areas I cut a piece of colored cardstock to separate math from reading from science, etc.  Each subject area then has the photo dividers with tabs I bought at Walmart labeled with the topic name- I tried to color code those with the cardstock that divides the subject areas.  So like Math has a blue cardstock paper divider and then all the photo card dividers have a blue tab with the standard topic name… 
Perhaps pictures would help for all you visual learners (like me) out there:

 Let me know if you have any questions =)
My version of Ms Jump’s Standards Ribbon Display:
I have also been working with my students on graphing, data, and an ongoing lesson of expressing numbers in a variety of ways… for example, we did this the other day about our favorite sport after we read, Soccer Song:
The balls are ‘post it’ notes from the Dollar Store. 
Volunteers came up and wrote different ways  to make or show the number:
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  1. I am so lovin' the photo box idea! I bought her fabulous Common Core Standard posters, laminated them, cut them out, and then was stuck on where to store them for easy access…right now they are in ziplock bags. Tomorrow they will be in a photo box. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love your graph. I also teach first grade and today we read Caps For Sale. I stopped midway through the book and had the students to create tally marks based on how many red, blue, brown and gray caps the peddler had. They enjoyed it.

  3. I really like this idea! I have mine in a pocket folder with the spine cut apart and the top folded over. Yet i still had problems with a few of them that were too tall, so the photo box will do such a better job of organizing!

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