The Ugly Pumpkin Activities

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The Ugly Pumpkin Activities The Ugly Pumpkin Activities and Craft

You won’t want to miss my The Ugly Pumpkin Activities.  The Ugly Pumpkin is the perfect book for that awkward time between Halloween and Thanksgiving that flies by!  It is a sweet story that is a fresh take on the traditional classic, The Ugly Duckling. My students LOVED the book and making the craft made it even that much more fun! The author of the story is Dave Horowitz and if it’s not in your library, it should be!  You can find the pack on TpT.

The Ugly Pumpkin Activities

The Ugly Pumpkin pack

See it all HERE on TpT.

The Ugly Pumpkin

I love the fact that this craft is an opportunity for my kids to be creative and that each squash comes out totally different and unique.  Those teeth, right??


  1. Love this idea for “The Ugly Pumpkin”. Any particular construction paper you use-is it tru-ray? And the size? The paper looks so bright! You always have wonderful ideas to share. Thanks! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I am glad you commented because I realized I had forgotten the link to my product on TpT! I just added it! Thank you! As for paper, I just use whatever construction paper I have on hand, but I do love Tru-Ray 9×12!

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