Light Table Activities

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Light Table Activities: I’m going to be honest, I am new to the light table game. I finally gave in and ‘made”one out of a plastic bin. My kids loved it so much that I went ahead and found my latest obsession: light tracing pads! I love that they are thin and flat, I can put them on top of anything. You can see the Light Table Bundle HERE on TpT. In addition to everything else, it also includes my 5 pattern block stations. These will be great for differentiating in the classroom.

Light Table Activities
Transparent Letters
Transparent Pattern Blocks
Light Table Activities and games
Magnetic Tiles

The two tracing pads I bought are shown below. The large one fits perfectly on top of the original one I made! I love that I can create games that kids can use manipulatives to practice previously taught skills!

Magnetic Letter Tiles from Lakeshore
Transparent Letter Tiles
My light table is under my loft

I use it for Math games, too! Check out these oldie but goodie dice games. I have themed low prep dice games for each season/holiday. I usually print them on paper and put in a plastic sleeve. But with the light table I can print them and put them on the light table OR print them on transparency pages that work with my inkjet printer. I was a little scared it wouldn’t work, but it idid! If you want to see more about my dice games, check out this blog post HERE! You can find the bundle on TpT HERE.

Math Games

Light Table math Activities
Math Games for dice and transparent circles
Light Table ideas

You can find the Math Dice Games in my TpT shop HERE.

You can find my NEW Literacy Light Table Bundle HERE on TpT!

Pattern Block Literacy Station

Individual Pattern Block Station Packs:

Letter Naming

Nonsense Words

CVC Real Words

K-1 Sight Words

2nd Grade Sight Words

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