NEAECC Report! Kim Adsit, Big Spring Lake, & More!

Ok, just got home  a little while ago from presenting at the North East Alabama Early Childhood Conference!  
I had the best time!
 I am in love with Big Spring Lake School…it is so bright and cheerful and everyone was so welcoming!
I tried to speak slowly…but always feel like I am telling people stuff they already know.  I can only hope I shared something interesting and new to help them with their stations!!  


Thank you, Jada for helping me present and going with me!!  

We had a blast!

If you get the opportunity to attend next year, you should!!
I got to see Kim Adsit present…she was awesome! She was down to earth and so funny…but boy, she knows what she is talking about!!

And of course I made her pose for a picture!!
I also ran into Leslie Ann of

And then there were the Big Spring Lake All Stars like:

Mrs. Mayas' Kindergarten

Julie Lee!!

and visit Mrs Lee’s sister’s blog

There were so many other creative and fun teachers at Big Spring Lake, I just can’t remember all the names, but they were TERRIFIC!
Oh, and while you are visiting blogs, go visit my buddy, Jada’s blog:

She has a post up right now with pictures of the conference!
And TPT is back up!! …so visit TPT or TN and check out all the seasonal products that are on sale by some of the best teacher bloggers around!  
(and because of all the difficulties, the sale will be extended until tomorrow night on TPT!)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I loved your session! Thanks so much for the wonderful things about our school and for coming to present!!

  2. You did an amazing job! I got lots of great new ideas and you didn't talk too fast!!! So glad I got to meet you!!

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  4. You are so sweet. I have totally been AWOL from blog world. Thanks for your sweet comments. They have done so much for me this summer. So glad your presentation went well.

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