Worm Day! Freebie!

I thought I would share something fun and science related that I do each year.  
What, you ask?
Well, maybe not the real ones, but we certainly get up close and personal!
I usually get a parent to volunteer and bring earthworms for us to use during our ‘Worm Day’ fun!
I have also been known to dig them up out of my yard and bring them myself.
I created a fun freebie for worm day…or any study of earth worms!
Find your freebie here on TPT!
Here are some pictures of our fun, which includes special snack, graphing, and more!
Our snack: “Dirt and Worms” pudding with crumbled chocolate cookies and gummy worms…
tiny sandwiches with slivers of cooked hotdogs (that look like worms)… 
and mealy- worm cookies (oatmeal squares with gummy worms)
I also always let my kids choose to have their picture taken with a real worm 
(to look as if they are going to eat it!)  The kids have a blast!  
(me, not so much because I have to pick up the worms!!)

 And of course, I have the gummy version for those of us who are not into the whole, 
‘touching a real worm thing’!
I will admit, a couple of years ago I was doing this activity of taking their pictures and as a student held up the wiggly worm for me to snap a picture, she dropped the worm…my heart stopped in that instant.  Her mouth was WIDE open and all I could see happening was her dropping that worm in her mouth and me having to make that call. (‘umm….yes, Ms. So and So, Little Susie ate a worm today…sorry’)   Fortunately, the worm just went on the floor and I learned a valuable lesson…have them hold the worm in front of the mouth, it still looks good for the picture and no one is in danger of eating a worm!!

In case you missed it, I am guest posting over at Little Miss Kindergarten here (freebies over there, too!!)

AND, I have a great Creative Teaching Press Giveaway going on right now here…it ends Sunday night!!

Thankfully we survived the field trip today with very little rain!  Thank goodness!


  1. This is AWESOME!! We have a bait shop right by my house and I buy those super fat earthworms for k=my kids to investigate. I am SOOO using your Worm unit the week of Earth Day!
    Thank you so much!!
    Kerri B

  2. Thanks! I just brought worms in this week to my kdg class. I let them each hold their "pet" every day. This year, my worms are pooping machines! My kids love it! One year, my principal came in in the middle of lesson where we were making a chart to describe worms. A few minutes in, she realized they were all holding worms. Her eyes got huge (she's not always fond of my chicken visitor either). She was a trooper and stayed in my room, but declined when one of my babies asked if she wanted to hold one! Hysterical. Glad to hear of fellow worm friends 🙂

  3. Your students look like they had a great time!! I've visited your blog several times and thought I was following….but apparently I wasn't. So now I'm your newest follower! =)

  4. What fun! Thanks for sharing! I would love it if you would visit my little blog…I have tagged you to answer a few get-to-know-you questions!


  5. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to add these ideas to my unit. I don't know why I never thought of eating "worms"!! Stop by to see some previous posts of mine!



    I also read your guest post with Little Miss Kindergarten. I would love for you to be a guest blogger for me sometime!!

  6. Dear Jennifer,

    I wanted you to know that we referred to your earthworm lessons that you posted on FirstGradeBlueSkies, as we developed a similar kindergarten one! We loved your ideas, and your freebie download. You may want to check out all we’ve compiled. http://www.stemmom.org/p/worm-unit.html And this is only the science and math components. I worked with two other teachers to come up with this great unit, and they did most of the literacy parts.

    We are hosting a Worm-themed linky, and believe this post would be a great addition! I love how you include photos of your kids “eating” a worm. They just love that stuff, don’t they? Consider linking up, when you get a chance!

    Here is the address to our linky:

    Darci the STEM Mom http://www.STEMmom.org
    Andrea from No Doubt Learning http://www.nodoubtlearning.com
    Erin from The Usual Mayhem http://www.theusualmayhem.blogspot.com

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