Read Across America Printables and More!

Somehow I found my motivation and created a pack to continue our Read Across Celebrations this week!  I’m as surprised as you are! I will share pictures later this week, since a lot for the pages would technically work all year long!
If you missed my original post about what we did last week, you can find it {here} along with a ton of freebies, like this headband pattern!
My latest pack has A LOT of fun pages for reading response, writing, dice games, and more!
AND it’s on SALE!  Find it {here} on TPT!
One of the parts of the pack not shown above is a template for students to create their own books.  Our county has a Young Author’s Conference every other year and this template was great for my kids to frame their stories.  It made my job quick and easy!  Also not shown is the template for a class banner =)
If you’d like a chance to win this pack, just leave a comment with something you do for Dr Seuss or Read Across America!
Amy Scruggs…YOU’RE A WINNER!  Emailing the pack now! =)


  1. This looks so fun! Our first grade has a Dr. Seuss Family Day. Our students each recite a Dr. S quote and then they sing a Dr. S song (who knew he wrote songs too, but he did!). The parents and students enjoy a few activities together led by the teachers- making Oobleck and singing the Oobleck song (our librarian plays the guitar), Cat in the Hat snack (banana and strawberries cut to look like the hat). We end the morning with a Seuss DEAR time. The parents leave just before lunch and we enjoy the rest of the day together with the kids. This was our second year (we do it on the Friday closest to Dr. S's b-day) and just like last year it was a great morning for our families and us!

  2. Wow! This pack looks amazing!! At one of the schools I am at, teachers dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and then travel from room to room and read the book they are featured in. The kids LOVE it and I think the teachers love it just as much.

  3. Awww… This pack is adorable! Love it! We have the whole week devoted to a "spirit week". So, each day is devoted to a Dr. Seuss book. We have The Sleep Book where we wear our pajamas, Oh The Places You'll Go where we wear college gear, etc. So fun!
    Missing Tooth Grins

  4. We read, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut" then write about things we wish we could do with our eyes shut. Later, we go back and write about why that may be a bad idea (things that could go wrong.) I love challenging my kindergarten students to think! mj.coward[at]

  5. We are having a week of Seuss-tastic fun! From our ooey, gooey green day (Green eggs and ham, Bartholomew and the oobleck) to our Day of colors and numbers (1 Fish, 2 Fish)..this would be a great addition to what I already have planned!

  6. The title of each Dr Seuss book we read is written on a truffula tree (one title per tree). It gives a nice visual for the kids to see how many we read. Then we create a graph of our favorite book.

  7. We make Cat in the Hat hats & get faces painted with cat whiskers, eat green eggs and ham, and have parent volunteers come in to participate in Dr. Seuss centers. Fun and games!

  8. We always make Cat in the Hat hats and have colorful goldfish while we read One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish for snack. 🙂

  9. We have a week full of dress up days. Each dress up day has a certain book we read and we do activities with that book. We also make green eggs and ham and other fun Dr. Seuss snacks. Your pack looks great!!! I would love to have this!! 🙂


  10. Sometimes our staff puts on a Dr. Seuss play for the students (big hit with them!). My favorite thing to is a read-a-thon. I have a HUGE collection of his books with matching stuffed animals collected over the years mostly from Kohls Cares sales. Every child can read his book to a stuffed character from the book – they are totally enthralled. There's nothing sweeter than looking around the room and seeing them snuggled up with Seuss characters. This year my first graders REQUESTED we have a birthday party for him… so I may have to scramble and put something together by the end of the week. 🙂 Would love to add this pack. Thanks!

  11. THis year we are having a Dr. Seuss day. We are making Green Eggs and Ham AND Oobleck. We are also doing an adorable Lorax picture. It is scheduled for tomorrow but we have ice coming down so it may be more like THursday! 🙁 Adorable unit! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kindergarten Korner

  12. Every year I read aloud my favorite Dr. Suess book, Horton Hatches the Egg. I usually serve goldfish for one fish, two fish at snack. As I'm typing I realize how lame this sounds, I definitely need your printables so that I can amp up the fun! 🙂

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  13. We are having Read Across America this week. We have crazy sock day (Fox in Socks), Crazy hat day (Cat in the Hat), wear green day (The Lorax), Read in your Pjs (The Sleep Book), and I want to be a …. when I grow up (Oh, The Places You Will Go). As a first year teacher stuck in an assessment vortex, I love these weeks when we can add a little more fun into our learning!

  14. Once, our building did a "Seuss Spirit Week". Each day had a different theme based on a book for students to participate, like Super Silly Sock day for "fox in socks" and hat day for "cat in the hat" . I'm hoping we'll do it again next year, but we don't have a full week of school this year, so it was out. Live your cute packet!

  15. During Read Across America week we have people come read to our students from the community, such as district personnel, business owners, high school honor students, etc. This packet looks awesome and I would love have the chance to use it!

  16. I love your pack! We read, read and read every Dr. Seuss book we can get our hands on! Then we share our favorites in pictures and writing. We will also have a hat day, a socks day, and end with a read-a-thon in our jammies. It is so much fun for the kids and me too!

  17. Adorable! We have a school wide read-a-thon where we all line the hallways and read for 20 minutes. We also have "guest readers" read a Dr. Seuss book to a class "under" them (i.e., a first grade class reads to a Kindergarten class on Friday. So fun!

  18. We have a door decorating contest every year and the students really get into it! This year my class did "Oh the Places You'll Go" and wrote about what they wanted to be when they grew up. I put that on the bulletin board opposite my door and on the door are hot air balloons with the kids pictures in them. It turned out awesome!!

  19. This year we are having some local college basketball players come in a read to the kids right before lunch and then they will stay and eat with us. Should be a lot of fun!!

  20. We have a different event each day, however today is a snow day in NJ so we missed "cuddle up with a good book" day where kids bring in their Seuss books and a blanket to lay on while reading. Tomorrow is Silly Socks, then Wacky Wednesday outfits, Thursday is mystery reader day and Friday is eating green eggs an ham with a visit from Cat in the Hat. I would love some new activities like yours to use!

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