Told You So! (Freebie!!)

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I told you I would be back with a freebie today!
These are two variations of a Chinese New Year class graphing activity…hope you love them!
Click here or on the pic above to download your copy.
And in case you missed it, I have a Chinese New Year pack on TPT and Teachers Notebook, too!
The meds have kicked in and I can just about breathe…my tooth, however, remains partially in my wallet change purse…nice, right? 
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


  1. Hope you are feeling better. My husband and daughter have that sinus yuck right now. I am praying it doesn't get me. However, I do have the tooth thing going on, can't get into my dentist until February 28. YIKES!! Your stuff looks amazing. What did we all do before we made all of this fun stuff!!


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