How I Spent my Vacation Linky Party and some CUTE Clip Art!

I am linking up with Clutter-Free Classroom on How I Spent My Vacation”
To be honest, I haven’t “done” much…just stayed in my pj’s most of the time… chased my kids around, the usual.  Well, I was sick, broke a tooth, but I don’t go back until Wednesday….  SO my vacation isn’t really “over” (please say it’s not, please say it’s not!) and as of right now, I have a date planned with the hubby for maybe Monday??  Hope so, anyway!
ANYWAYS, link up and let us know how you spent your holiday. =)
OH…..And I know I have been reading a lot about clip art terms of use changing, etc…but I wanted to share with you a new creative force, somewhat new to blogging…but she has started a clip art etsy shop that you have to check out.  I am sure she will be adding more as she goes…so follow her blog or add her shop to your favs!!
Her Blog:
Her Etsy Shop:

An example of her newest clip art, which you can use for your teaching goodies:

Cute, right??  And only $2.50!


  1. Thank you for new clipart link!
    I am always looking for new places to get new clip art. I am glad DJ Inkers finally decided to change back to their old terms of use. I emailed them and they hadn't changed their minds. Then finally last night… yeah! I am still a little hesitant about posting anything with their clip art. I don't want to go to jail especially over clipart! 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your tooth…..I am jealous it sounds like you had a relaxing vacation. I am trying to catch up around the house.

    🙂 Sue

  3. Thank you SOOO much for sharing my blog & Etsy shop Jennifer!!! You are AWESOME! I am planning on doing a post soon about some of my new fave blogs! I will be sure to include you!!!! 🙂

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